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Quality Management

Today – an integrated, sustainable, quality management program with clearly focused networks is a decisive competitive advantage. At Ingenics, we conceive your quality management to precisely match your business processes and offer you comprehensive support – ranging from the creation of a zero-defects culture to the development of a value-added orientation. Here, Ingenics’ experienced experts always examine which quality management methods are most important for your particular industry and how their requirements can be optimally applied to your business needs.

Ingenics experts offer you independent support for your quality management projects and for over 35 years they have provided many businesses with innovative, industry-specific solutions. Here, Ingenics consultants conceive, coordinate and control all of our customers’ technical developments: from the initial product idea to product development and even final product deliveries — while also reviewing all resource, cost and quality considerations.     

An overview of Ingenics‘ key services

In brief, Ingenics offers you a complete range of Quality Management services: from the initial strategy development to the final implementation support. 

1. Strategy

  • Establishment of a zero-defects culture as a business goal
  • Introduction of Quality Management systems
  • Quality policy, quality goals and organizational concepts
  • Design and support for business-to-business quality programs and quality initiatives
  • Process management and reporting
  • Audits and certifications
  • Enhanced assembly operations through improved use of equipment, personnel, working materials, planning and organizational structures

2. Implementation support

  • Integration of quality requirements within the product development process
  • Review of production process capabilities
  • Improvement of shopfloor quality through tooling adjustments and process analysis
  • Lean manufacturing with quality improvements through visualization
  • Recognition and correction of defect causes
  • Product maturity validation related to costs, scheduling, unit volume and product quality
  • Elimination of defect causes related to production rate, assembly stages, facilities and customers
  • Strengthening of feedback loops and preventative quality control to accelerate problem-solving
  • Support of prototyping processes and Change Management
  • Claims management, guarantee terms and quality cost processing

In addition, our experienced experts always maintain an overview of all services, to ensure that you receive the Quality Management methods and standards which are most important for your industry – and that these requirements can be optimally applied to your business needs. Depending on your individual goals, other proven management methods can also be applied, from Six Sigma to Kaizen or line balancing techniques.

Professional support for ERP, PPS, MES and CAQ systems

With respect to future-oriented themes such as ”Industry 4.0” – a professional Quality Management program also plays a decisive role. Then here too, simply collecting a wide range of data does not produce added-value – because only a detailed analysis that asks and answers the right questions is able to produce effective solutions. When production and quality data are fully integrated however, your business can proceed from the production and field data analysis to a self-regulating “early warning system” for production and quality processes – with many options for future process improvements. Aside from current-status analyses and improvements to processes or systems, Ingenics also supports you with the planning of new IT networks – with experts to answer your questions related to ERP, PPS, MES and CAQ systems. Together with you, we clearly define your business’ specific needs and following a review of economic options we help you select and purchase your optimal IT systems. 

Finally, Ingenics also coordinates the integration of these IT systems within your supply chain. Here, Ingenics not only prepares the needed product and contract specifications – we also manage the bidding process and support you independent of the selected contractor throughout the final realization process.



Together with Ingenics, you can ensure a decisive competitive advantage – with an integrated, sustainable, Quality Management program designed specifically for your business’ networks and processes. As a result, you can increase both your business’ long-term success, as well as your customers’ satisfaction.

Gerald Graser


Director Center of Competence
Phone: +49 731 93680 225