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Strategy consulting

Effective strategy and implementation

Ingenics offers advice of the highest quality to top-level management. Our goal is to ensure the effectiveness of strategies and their implementation in companies and organizations. With its approach to integral business development, Ingenics Management Consulting is one step ahead of the pack as a traditional top-level management consultancy, representing a new generation in the field. That is what we mean by "beyond classical consulting."


Ingenics follows the approach to integral business development in the areas of strategy, attractiveness, agility, digital technology, and personality. The integral business development approach is a tool to diagnose, evaluate, and forecast the current and future situation of a company in strategic and operational terms. It encompasses the three drivers of excellence – leadership, people, and systems – in a single instrument.

Ingenics consultants refer to data and practical experience to provide answers to three key questions at top-management level:

1. What should be done?

2. Why should it be done?

3. How will it be done effectively?


Company directors and senior management staff stand to benefit from two strands of expertise with the Ingenics approach:

  • They evaluate sustainability of the company in every detail, leaving no blind spots. This minimizes the risk of false estimations or misinterpretations.
  • They apply the most effective levers to direct strategic development of the company This minimizes the risk of wasted resources.


The strategy consulting practice links future opportunities and challenges with a company's current business agenda. It guides top-level management to a position of strength against competition. The focus is on diagnosing, evaluating, and forecasting the company situation and directing the company toward an attractive future in a highly effective manner. 

Application of the Ingenics approach of integral business development enables consultants to diagnose, evaluate, and forecast the current and future situation of a company with reference to actual data and practical experience. Company directors and strategic managers can therefore develop the business or their department in every area. A holistic view of the company ensures that executives prioritize those implementation strategies that achieve objectives quickly and without productivity loss. As a result, senior management gains even more strength. Their teams are able to close strategic gaps with measures that guarantee high efficiency. Ingenics consultants establish the most important criteria for successful strategy formulation and implementation.

Measurable results and clear strategy

Operational implementation is ensured from the outset. Working in co-creative processes, Ingenics consultants overcome any obstacles in terms of structures, qualifications, cultural difference, and personality that may stand in the way of implementing strategy. This generates measurable operational strategic results. 

Strategies are clear and easy to understand for top-level management as well as the leadership team and employees. From the outset, Ingenics consultants seamlessly combine three key perspectives on corporate strategy – the views of top-level management, the leadership team, and employees. This creates palpable enthusiasm for the strategy across the entire company. 

Ingenics consultants combine analytical tools that allow diagnosis, evaluation, and forecasts for strategic decision-making with co-creative, top-down methods of strategy development that entail a high level of staff involvement.

The attractiveness consulting practice combines demands of company owners in terms of attractive returns with demands of customers in terms of attractive products. Company directors and leaders can, through use of this technique, improve resource efficiency as well as product attractiveness. This is ensured by a coordinated approach to increasing effectiveness and efficiency in product development, production, and sales.

The attractiveness consulting practice aligns the company's value creation system to profit and product performance. Products in question might be services or material products. Managers are better able to fulfill the company's mission to act as a leader in innovation, costing, price, technology, or quality thanks to an effective and efficient value creation system. The value creation system forms a seamless chain from customers to owners.

Efficiency inside and out

Ingenics' attractiveness approach works in both directions. Internally, top-level management is enabled to achieve highly effective efficiency gains in both direct and indirect areas of the value creation system. This increases financial returns. Externally, there is an integral definition of customer relationships. This increases product productivity.

With the proprietary integral business development approach, Ingenics' consultants seamlessly integrate internal and external measures.

The agility consulting practice links strategy with people and structures of a company. Company directors and leaders can make their organization much more effective as a result. This is ensured by the coordinated management of work structures, corporate culture, employee behavior, and personal attitude.

The agility consulting practice places division of labor models and approaches to completing tasks at the center of company development. Agility, the corresponding mental attitude, can be seen in two ways: it describes the general attitude toward change in the company, and an image of how the company operates as an agile enterprise.

Adapting the focus of attention

The agility consulting practice provides executives with comprehensive expertise relative to adapting the focus of attention within the organization quickly and without productivity loss, bringing it in line with corporate strategy or market requirements. As a concept, the "focus of attention" describes collective customs and habits that distinguish a company in its respective environment. Established patterns of thinking can be seen as habits in the same way as leadership behavior, team spirit, and flows of information, money, raw materials, and production materials in the value chain. Ingenics' consultants enable top-level management to establish an agile approaches to the division of labor and completion of tasks within the company with tools provided by the integral business development approach.

Ingenics' Management Consulting is the only top-level management consultancy that provides agility services to companies from a single source. Ingenics' consultants establish an agile mindset. They plan and create agile office, work, and factory environments, designing agile business and production processes. Moreover, they train agile behavior among leaders and employees, developing an agile corporate and management culture.

The digital technology consulting practice brings together digitization, strategy, and people. Ingenics' consultants create a seamless link between digital technology and altered mindsets. As a result, company directors and leaders can increase the effectiveness of their digital activities and turn digital innovation into financial return more quickly than their competitors.

The digital technology consulting practice focuses on implementing company strategy by digitizing value creation systems. It allows leaders to control company dynamics that stand in direct relation to digital technology. The concept of dynamics describes tensions and symptoms that emerge when external threats are encountered by conservative and progressive forces in the company.

Identification of key levers

New technological possibilities, changes to the business model, and disruptive innovation can conflict with existing IT environments, established business processes, popular teamwork habits, established employee behavior, and personal attitudes of key personnel. The digital technology consulting practice enables senior management to identify key levers in such areas of tension and to implement these digital measures with a high level of efficiency.

Ingenics' consultants provide senior managers technological and financial guidance in decision-making processes with respect to questions concerning digitization of value creation systems. They carefully navigate conversations about holding on and letting go.

The personality consulting practice links the personal development of top-level managers with their strategic and operational roles. As a result, company directors and leaders can increase their effectiveness when interfacing with superiors, peers, and employees – and when it comes to running the business.

The personality consulting practice places individual incentives at the center of personality development. These impulses – which may be masked as will, intention, concern, or a certain standard – are expressed through personal attitude, self-efficacy, rapport, and the ability of senior managers to enforce and implement their vision.

A fresh, complete perspective on connections

From this starting point, the personality consulting practice enables company directors and senior management staff to control dynamics of tasks, attitudes, self-efficacy, and rapport in various situations so they can express their impulses effectively. With tools provided by "fundamental basics of leadership" offered by Ingenics Management Consulting, managers can obtain a fresh, complete perspective on business connections.

In personal effectiveness mentoring sessions, Ingenics consultants draw the attention of leaders to connections between the inner and the outer self as well as the individual and the collective. Top-level managers find that this shift in attention brings clarity and calmness. In co-creative processes, leaders develop micro and macro strategies to exercise control over the environment and tasks as well as themselves. Greater self-efficacy is followed by a noticeable increase in charisma.

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