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Supplier Management

The goal of Supplier Management is the improvement of your product and process qualities – either in the planning or utilization phases of a project. Here, Ingenics helps you to develop new or uncertain suppliers to meet your expected standards or quality requirements. Simultaneously, this ideally also leads to long-term quality improvements for the supplier itself. Here, the key factors are quality, time, and costs – followed by minimized waste and corrective measures.

Lean, flexible, efficient and future-oriented – that‘s Ingenics’ definition of Supplier Management. And Ingenics experts can help you in all questions related to service quality, project support and serial production. In addition we analyze a supplier’s production processes, including their production as well as testing concepts, while also developing solutions and implementation plans for future process and product improvements.

Plus, by using standardized Supplier Management programs and concepts, Ingenics can also enhance your guarantee terms and pricing targets. If needed, long-term retraining and/or certification programs, e. q. in complaint processing, are also established.

Expert methods and training

With expert methods and training, as well as through detailed analyses and qualification programs, Ingenics consultants create effective and manageable processes for your business. Here, you’ll benefit from our many years of experience with diverse technologies, as well as our professional ramp-up support, Change Management, prototype testing certification and production preparation. 

Plus, we offer specialized Supplier Management teams with experts in the areas of: coaching, efficiency improvement, production systems, lean management, shopfloor management, production and assembly planning, technologies, Quality Management, logistics, process improvement and organizational development, Change Management and Design-to-Cost techniques.  

Joint development of customer-specific solutions

Together with you, Ingenics develops individualized solutions for your specific needs in Supplier Management. Here is a brief overview of common customer problems which Ingenics has solved in the past:

  • Breach of service agreements in terms of capacity, quality and efficiency.
  • New production sites or transfers of operating capacitiy.
  • Instable production processes and unmanageable ramp-up operations.
  • Excessive defect rates and correction timelines, poor supplier or on-site service.
  • Supplier unreliability, supplier inability to support serial production processes, reduction of ramp-up and operational risks.
  • Poor system availability
  • Quality requirements are unknown to suppliers, a lack of quality control programs.
  • Inadequate transparency in supplier working relations.

More efficient services through standardized methods

Even in the planning phase, your Ingenics experts can help you with the right quality function deployment (QFD), which applies quality-related requirements to your product specifications. Then, in the implementation phase additional useful methods are applied, such as: failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), fault tree analysis (FTA) or Pareto principles – to identify weaknesses and avoid future errors. 

Through these standardized methods for improving your Supplier Management, Ingenics also provides you with the following expert services:

  • Analysis of current production systems and definition of immediate, as well as long-term corrective actions including implementation and shopfloor training programs.
  • Optimization and redesign of production processes, production planning and control, material resources planning and purchasing, production and warehouse logistics.
  • Claims management and target costs processing — including complaints analysis, definition of immediate and long-term corrective actions including their implementation.
  • Current status analyses and optimization of existing information flows, as well as IT systems.
  • Introduction of Quality Management systems.
  • Creation of sustainable Supplier Management concepts during new product development or serial production.
  • Auditing and process analyses according to VDA 6.3 standards and certification preparation (VDA 9001, ISO TS 16949)
  • Design and support for business-to-business Q-programs.
  • Realization and multi-project management related to costs, scheduling and quality.
  • Advanced product quality planning (APQP) in all development phases, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), process control and test planning.
  • Quality Management training
  • Realization support and product certification, individual component and product development support.
  • Creation of cooperative trouble-shooting teams.
  • Supplier coaching during the implementation of OEM process standards (product development, tool processing, prototyping, 2 day production capacity, Change Management).
  • Process Management and reporting, creation of stabilized processes, design of subcontractor management methods to ensure component devileries through the supply chain.
  • Introduction and implementation of working organization improvements.


In a nutshell, your business will profit from a clearly structured Supplier Management program and its quick problem-solving processes – with benefits ranging from clear problem definition and source analysis, to trouble-shooting, as well as the implementation of solutions and effective control measures.Here, Ingenics experts serve as your controllers, moderators and managers. Then only through the right combination of selected methods, qualified employees and a self-regulating system of processes and interfaces, can the requirements for effective manageable processes be fulfilled. This also leads to better communications between customers and suppliers, with a resident engineer who can efficiently deal with incoming tasks and de-escalate problem areas.

The bottom line here is – you can significantly improve purchasing costs and minimize waste with the help of Ingenics. Plus the quality of your suppliers and your entire value-added chain will be enhanced. After all, your suppliers are also vital partners for strong production processes and even the future growth or market expansion of your business.

Gerald Graser


Director Center of Competence
Phone: +49 731 93680 225