Design New Worlds of Work Sustainably

Office and Working Worlds in Transformation

Do you face the challenge of creating new, attractive work spaces for your workers? With the ever-increasing complexity in new-product development and the ever-stronger role that digital change plays, there are many more interfaces involved these days. The effort required for communication is growing since a vast variety of stakeholder trades and people must communicate and cooperate with each other. The heavy competition in the labor market means that the attractiveness of your office spaces is a further, persuasive factor for gaining and keeping employees.

Have the Requirements of the Various Work Spaces at Your Company Changed Recently?

The trend is heading toward flexible working hours, the clean-desk principle, creative areas, and coworking spaces. New working-hour models and flexible workplaces are called for. Interdisciplinary collaboration and the option of interregional teamwork are important aspects of a good work-life balance and require the development of future-proof IT solutions. The goal is therefore to create more space for new, sustainable worlds of work and offices through sustainable renovations or new build for a return to more flexible and creative work in the future.

How Can Ingenics Help So That Staff Complete Their Tasks Optimally in the Future?

Unlike other providers and contractors, the Ingenics approach holistically networks three areas of action with each other: people, place, and digital change – making our clients’ premises permanently ready for the requirements of the future. No matter if this is greenfield planning or the optimization of an existing building. With  project management  knowledge from over 10,000 successfully realized projects and a focus on project objectives, responsibilities, and project communication, we guide you effectively to your goal.

What is our approach?

  1. We engage in intense communication with our clients to find out where you, our client, wish to go and what your vision is.
  2. A target vs actual comparison reveals what the requirements for the new work environments and for various spatial resources are. How many room types will be necessary in the future and how large will they need to be?
  3. New layout concepts are created, incorporating the vision and room types developed.
  4. We assist you with the search for the correct partner and implementation with appropriate manufacturers.

Overview of the procedure

However, the employees should not be forgotten when such fundamental changes are afoot within a business. That is why Ingenics offers professional change management guidance to relieve colleagues’ concerns and fears and ensure acceptance of the new work and office environments over the long term.


Sieghard Schmetzer

Sieghard Schmetzer

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Samuel Schwarzer

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