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Efficient optimization of operational control through the Production Cockpit 4.0

Production Cockpit 4.0 for the production area

Designed especially for manufacturing companies, Ingenics has developed a tool known as "Production Cockpit 4.0" to make day-to-day work of operational managers much less arduous. Production Cockpit 4.0 can be used to define data parameters and key figures, resulting in a clear overview of information that is most relevant in operational control. However, as a first step, it is important to analyze and possibly optimize existing processes so that relevant data and key figures can be generated.

"According to our experience in practice, operational managers in production at many companies spend as much as 30 percent of their working hours every day collecting information about the current production status. This usually happens directly on the shop floor following the go-and-see principle," explains Andreas Grundnig, partner and center of competence director at Ingenics. "In many cases, even more time is spent collecting figures and preparing data and key figures from a wide range of sources, such as an ERP system and Excel spreadsheets. Naturally, this time could be used more efficiently for other tasks and activities."

Interdisciplinary expertise in IT and processes

The newly developed Production Cockpit 4.0 from Ingenics can help to solve this problem. In contrast to typical solutions on the market from other suppliers, the Ingenics Production Cockpit 4.0 focuses mainly on interpreting key figures and answering key client questions, such as: what do these figures tell us? What conclusions should we draw? Technical implementation does not take place until the second step.

"Functioning processes combined with clearly defined data and key figures are without exception the basis for the successful implementation of our cockpit," says Grundnig. Here clients once again benefit from the interdisciplinary expertise of Ingenics in IT and processes. The experts provide professional support not only in the definition and interpretation of data and key figures, but also in the overall optimization of production processes.

Automatic networking, processing, and presentation

Once this has been done, the relevant data and key figures from various sources are automatically linked, processed, and clearly presented. The only prerequisite is an efficient and sustainable system. "Ideally, clients already have one of these in place. If that is not the case, we will happily support businesses in the selection and introduction of such a system directly on-site following a thorough analysis," notes Grundnig.

On request, Ingenics also offers the option of reliably managing Production Cockpit 4.0 on behalf of clients in accordance with legal requirements inside a German data processing center.


In addition to the services mentioned above, Ingenics stands out for the simultaneous coaching of operational managers – a customary stage of any project that creates a deep understanding as well as a sound awareness of the advantages of Production Cockpit 4.0. "Only if operational managers are aware that our Production Cockpit 4.0 is not just a nice toy, but a useful support tool in operational control, will they be happy to use it – and ultimately realize that it makes their day-to-day work much less arduous," promises Grundnig.

Dennis Schunigl

Dennis Schunigl

Associate Partner
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Timo Feilner

Director Division
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