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Sustainable Corporate Strategy

Transformation process in all business units and hierarchy levels

Effective Business Strategies for Maximum Performance at Manufacturing Companies

Ingenics Strategy Consulting is synonymous with strategy and performance improvements that are second to none. As thought leaders in a dynamic and increasingly digital world, we develop effective methods to improve your performance across all areas and levels of your business for the long term.

Today, production companies are facing major changes – the world is becoming increasingly dynamic (think VUCA) and what seemed impossible yesterday is already within the realm of possibility today.

Digitalization and sustainability, skill shortages, and demographic change – the major megatrends of our time are fueling global developments and harbor both opportunities and risks.

Acute Challenges and Megatrends of the Future Demand Resilience

Resilience is required to successfully steer companies through long-term trends and shorter-term cyclical changes in markets. In this process, every crisis acts as a catalyst.

Crises have the tendency to mercilessly expose whether a company has positioned itself for success. This applies both externally with respect to markets and networks as well as internally with respect to the company’s leadership, organizational structure, and culture.

Companies that are primed for change benefit from change. Those that aren’t must go straight into crisis mode.

How SMEs and Large Corporations Can Remain Agile

Forward-looking leaders and managers regularly question their organization’s course and are always ready to adapt both the corporate strategy as well as business models and operating models.

This is how companies succeed in operating successfully, even under dynamic conditions. Strategically organized companies take advantage of opportunities during any period of change – no matter what market phase or industry they are in.

The Ingenics Approach: Strategy Consulting and Performance Improvement

Our strategy and performance programs help companies prepare for the future. We incorporate all relevant areas and levels of the company’s operations – from strategy and business models to the operating model and the operational value creation of individual departments at the shopfloor level.

In this process, we include the revenue side and the cost side equally in our considerations and take both market signals and the needs of the professional levels into account. Structural and cultural aspects also play an important role in implementation.

Based on our many years of experience in designing and optimizing value creation systems and organizations, we know the success factors behind a company’s guaranteed further growth.

Improve Your Performance

We know exactly which strategies have lasting effects. Find out how Ingenics can help you formulate a sustainable business strategy geared toward long-term success.

Refine Your Strategy


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