A long-term competitive edge with the the right strategy

Especially when it comes to factory and production planning processes, it is extremely important to follow a strategic approach. A clear production strategy is crucial for being able to derive the correct measures for factory and production planning, and for optimizing production efficiently and in line with your goals. This is true not only for large corporations, but especially for SMEs.

According to factory planning expert Stefan Kienzler, SMEs in particular stand to benefit from the holistic consulting offered by Ingenics. This is because the overall strategic direction is taken into account, which often plays a minor role within the company itself: “At the beginning of the consultation, it is usually necessary to establish which product benefit or which product features are needed by the customers of our client – and how these can be optimized. This serves as the foundation for all future decisions. Together with our client, we then determine the required combination of internal and external services on this basis before finally arriving at the right production structures and production systems as well as a suitable factory design.”

Taking into account the future development of key factors
Practice shows that in most cases it is not at all necessary to develop a completely new strategy. It is often sufficient to modify an existing strategy, adapting it in line with the current business objectives. In such cases, it is especially important to consider the future development of crucial factors. These include trends in technology, demographic change, growing markets and so on.

The consultants at Ingenics offer the necessary “big picture” perspective in this regard. As part of the consultation process, it is essential to think from different angles and to ask the right questions. In this way, a new strategic approach is developed together with the client.

The next step is to implement the derived measures in practice with on-site support if required – from the introduction of new production methods and technologies to changes in the value chain.

The most important benefits at a glance
The right strategy for factory and production planning provides clients with the following advantages at the end of the day:

  • Development of future competitive advantages
  • Long-term alignment of production – the focus is not on individual measures, but an overarching goal
  • Strategic consolidation of workforce
  • Correct distribution of resources
  • Better calculation of risks
  • A strategy to serve as guidance and the basis of decisions

Stefan Kienzler summarizes the need for strategic alignment at small and medium-sized enterprises as follows: “Efficient production can only be established once the strategic direction has been defined and you know which direction to take. Only when these conditions are met can you create a sustainable competitive advantage – and only then will investments in structure ultimately be useful and well designed in the long term.”

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