15. July 2017
Final automotive assembly – electric vehicles

Swarm assembly – or the transformation of continuous production lines

Michael Weis, partner and center of competence director at Ingenics AG, recently attracted considerable attention in specialist circles with his ideas about the development of final assembly in the electric vehicle segment with respect to Industry 4.0 and big data. Referring to the combination of line and island production, a forward-looking approach that offers the best of both worlds, he coined the term "swarm assembly." When building new electric vehicle assembly plants, he claims it is essential to see this as an opportunity to consider automated guided vehicles (AGVs) instead of the usual skillet lines and electric monorail systems and to examine possible applications. Ingenics is currently involved in exploratory studies and simulations concerning these issues.

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10. May 2017
Production Cockpit 4.0

Efficient optimization of operational control

Designed especially for manufacturing companies, Ingenics has developed a tool known as "Production Cockpit 4.0" to make day-to-day work of operational managers much less arduous. Production Cockpit 4.0 can be used to define data parameters and key figures, resulting in a clear overview of information that is most relevant in operational control. However, as a first step, it is important to analyze and possibly optimize existing processes so that relevant data and key figures can be generated.

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01. April 2017
New worlds of work

Holistic networking of different areas of activity – people, places, and digitization

From production to organization, modern worlds of work are changing at an increasingly rapid pace as a result of digital transformation. In order for businesses to keep up with these developments and not get left behind, experts at Ingenics have come up with an innovative approach to establish new worlds of work that applies to multiple industries and company departments. Unlike other suppliers and service providers, Ingenics follows an approach that brings together three main areas of activity – people, places, and digitization – in a holistic fashion, thus making companies fit to face future challenges.

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