Making services, fit for the future

Today, the public service sector faces the same key challenges as all service companies: increasing cost pressures and reduced operating budgets. At the same time, customers and residents are increasingly demanding faster services, greater flexibility and streamlined communications. Here, Ingenics can help – thanks to years of experience in pioneering efficiency improvement projects with both manufacturers and service providers. Now, the public service sector can also take advantage of Ingenics’ proven success stories – to make their services, fit for the future.  

“It’s high time that public sector organizations adapt their services to the changing needs of customers and to reflect modern lifestyles and technological advances,” recommends Ingenics’ expert Ulf Jochymski. “Despite, or perhaps due to, continuous cost constraints and budget cuts – innovative solutions are needed to optimize conventional processes and entire working organizations.”

Development of innovative working methods
To make public sector services and organizations fit for the future, innovative working methods are being recommended which are derived largely from similar  proven methods already in use at manufacturers and private service providers. For example, here the introduction of lean management principles can be used to optimize all business processes, as well as to provide employees and managers with modern training seminars.

The introduction of a lean management program also ensures that the customer-supplier relationship is oriented on modern customer service standards. Here, the entire organization needs to refocus its priorities to optimize its business processes and increasing the business’ added-value – including a review if its internal working relationships. Through the course of such improvement projects, all fundamental processes are optimized to produce sustainable benefits. In addition, professional training programs for employees and managers are equally important to continuous improvement process (CIP) projects – because naturally, any changes needed to improve any organization must also be accepted and integrated within the business’ day-to-day operations. Operational management and control tools further support the improvement process and are used to anchor the business’ strategic goals at all working levels and thereby effectively implement the desired service improvements.
In brief, Ingenics‘ proposed improvements can help to make public sector services and their underlying organizations – fit for the future. Then, the more modern and efficient an organization is, the better and more flexible its services can become, such as when dealing with fluctuating customer demand.   

Plus, another benefit exists when considering skilled labor shortages, according to Ulf Jochymski: “Innovative, future-oriented services also give public sector organizations a far more progressive brand image. As a result, that business becomes far more attractive to both existing employees, as well as talented new employees and trainees.”
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