Industry 4.0

The new theme of the year for 2016 – “From vision to reality – intelligent solutions for

the digital transformation of assembly, production, and logistics with Industry 4.0” –

links seamlessly with previous priority issues and develops them further. A very special milestone here is our involvement in the new MyCPS research project organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to strengthen and support the German SME sector over the long term. Another key development is the new Industry 4.0 study in collaboration with with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO.

For more than two years now, Industry 4.0 has been a major topic at trade fairs and conventions, universities, and of course in the trade press. According to Ingenics CEO Professor Oliver Herkommer, the excitement is far from wearing off. In fact, the issue has only just begun to really captivate people’s minds in areas such as shopfl oor organization in the automotive and aircraft industries: “The categories in which people are thinking are expanding every day and involve more and more elements – especially logistics. We can also see a great potential in areas such as additive manufacturing (so-called 3D printing) or considerations concerning the development, production, and marketing of future automobiles, which might refer to additional aspects, from design to fleet management.”

At a fundamental level, however, it is not only a question of taking Industry 4.0 “one step further” but also fi nding ways to transform findings and insights into business models. A major development here is the involvement of Ingenics in the new BMBF research project “Migration support for the implementation of human-centered cyber-physical systems (MyCPS)” – a contribution to the federal government’s new Industry 4.0 platform.

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