Material flow simulation

Material flow simulations reproduce the logistics system in both a qualitative and quantitative context. Whereas the qualitative simulation represents processes using virtual reality, the quantitative simulation is used to secure results.

Ingenics has many years of experience in qualitative and quantitative simulation. The simulations used flow into the consultation and planning process, ensuring a holistic perspective of the material flow and avoiding “island simulations”.

Material flow simulations are used to calculate system loads, to test flexibility requirements, and to visualize processes.

Qualitative and quantitative simulation

Ingenics supports you through all the steps toward the sustainable optimization of your material flow — from the conception of your logistics systems and their implementation in the software simulation to the execution of the simulation and the evaluation and elaboration of the results.

In essence, the material flow simulation consists of two pillars. The first pillar is the qualitative simulation, which includes:


  • Presenting future systems in an animated form for internal and external communication and for presentation at the executive level
  • Training employees
  • Supporting the change management process


The second pillar is the quantitative simulation, which includes:

  • Ensuring the planning results with respect to possible future scenarios
  • Presenting flexibility requirements
  • Setting out capacity requirements


As a client of Ingenics, the qualitative and quantitative simulation of your material flows allows you to benefit from safeguarded planning results over the long term. This gives you a realistic picture of your future logistics system on the one hand, while the simulation results can also be used for internal and external communication.

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