Our specialized trainers from the Ingenics Academy

Expert know-how, training experience, social skills and a passion for success – these are the trademarks of every Ingenics Academy trainer.

Plus, all of our trainers are also proven Ingenics business consultanats. As a result, they bring you a wealth of professional insights from a broad range of industries, as well as from operations in small, mid-sized and even major global companies. Most important however, is their ability to transfer knowledge with effective teaching skills and training plans – which is why every trainer is also certified as an instructor. 

Get to know your Ingenics Academy trainers, who can show you the way to success.

Associate Partner, Director Martin Redhardt
Martin Redhardt
Associate Partner, Director

As a Lean Expert he has many years of experience in coaching and training as well as in the conception, planning and implementation of optimization projects and initiatives. The focus is on working in partnership with the client's managers and employees.

Project Director Roland Horstenkamp
Roland Horstenkamp
Project Director

Serves as lean production trainer with experience in production process optimization, as well as product development and controlling in numerous successful projects.

Senior Engineering Expert Hector Castillo
Hector Castillo
Senior Engineering Expert

PhD Hector Castillo is one of our engineering experts, with over 23 years of experience in problem solving and project management in the automotive industry. Mr. Castillo has acquired extensive knowledge in chemical-metallurgical processes and in quality process auditing AS 9100, VDA 6.3 and IATF 16949: 2016

Associate Partner, General Manager Stefan Dattenberger
Stefan Dattenberger
Associate Partner, General Manager

Experienced Project Manager with over 10 years of professional consulting experience in diverse Industries in China. Specialized in Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Lean efficiency optimization projects.

Project Manager Eike Ubbo Ehlers
Eike Ubbo Ehlers
Project Manager

Serves as a certified project director with both IPMA and Six Sigma qualifications. Also possessing wide ranging project management experience through diversified projects and industries, in domestic and international locations.

Associate Partner, Director Alexander Gottwald
Alexander Gottwald
Associate Partner, Director

Professional experience in diverse industries, specializing in lean office systems, business process management, efficiency improvement projects, as well as national and international project management.

Partner, Director Andreas Grundnig
Andreas Grundnig
Partner, Director

Uniquely qualified as a senior expert, advanced experience in efficiency improvement and restructuring projects in diverse industries. As the Ingenics Academy Director, he awards expert qualifications and performs coaching in leadership development.

Senior Expert Stefan Meitinger
Stefan Meitinger
Senior Expert

Broad experience in the optimization of production and logistics processes, as well as the introduction of production systems in diverse industries.

Branch Manager, Project Manager Michael Pesamosca
Michael Pesamosca
Branch Manager, Project Manager

He can draw on in-depth knowledge gained through many years of project experience in assembly and system planning, both in the automotive industry and in other sectors. He specializes in the implementation and realization of international planning projects.

Associate Partner, Director Robert Heusgen
Robert Heusgen
Associate Partner, Director

Experienced Project Manager in Automotive and Utility vehicle industry, specialized in Logistics, Transportation and Shop floor optimization projects.


Associate Partner, Branch Director Dieter Scharl
Dieter Scharl
Associate Partner, Branch Director

Serves as a certified project manager with years of experience in the management of purchasing, distribution and production logistics, as well as supplier management. International experience was also gained through automotive and aerospace projects.

Associate Partner, Branch Director Alexander Stolz
Alexander Stolz
Associate Partner, Branch Director

Long-term international consulting experience in the automotive and utility vehicle industries with successful projects in logistics, as well as factory and production planning.