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Ingenics is part of a multinational consulting network called Nextcontinent, which comprises a consortium of over 3,000 professionals in 30 countries. We work with the Nextcontinent community to meet the global business needs of our clients.

Nextcontinent: The future of global companies

Key trends and how to turn them into a strategy

As one of the numerous consequences, global corporations have to think again about the way they act, think, and identify in order to adapt, contribute and shape the changes ahead.

Understanding the transformations that are lying ahead means understanding the evolutions that are happening: that is the reason why we thought it would be wise to share a reflection on the key trends shaping the future of Multinational Corporations, and the way to tackle those as an organization.

This Study and White paper aims at two goals, that will be developed in the 2 parts of the document:

Helping to get the key trends at stake in those changes:

  1. what are the main phenomenon shaping the future of global corporations?
  1. Giving a first perspective on how to work with those trends, and tackle those changes –methodogically- as an organization to feed the strategy

Benchmark Study of International Production Locations 2023

Internationally ramified production networks are more vulnerable than ever in the face of global multi-crises. For companies, a reassessment of existing production and supply networks is essential.

The Ingenics study "Benchmark International Production Locations 2023" compares data on 31 countries from almost all continents in the areas of production costs, compliance, workforce availability, infrastructure and CO2 emissions. The evaluation shows that the world of manufacturing locations is changing. A shortage of labor, new regulatory requirements and rising costs are putting increasing pressure on countries that were attractive for decades. As a result, new locations are coming into focus.

“Emissions Intensity of Production and Factory Structures – The Pathway to Zero Emissions” survey

The “Emissions Intensity of Production and Factory Structures – The Pathway to Zero Emissions” survey provides insights into the current state of manufacturing companies, their motivation, challenges, and proven actions on the road toward becoming a zero emission company. 186 specialists and leaders from 19 sectors participated in the empirical survey in mid-2022.

Most respondents (61 percent) plan to achieve their climate goals by 2030. It should be emphasized that eleven percent of respondents intend to achieve their climate goals only by or after 2045 – hence missing German federal government’s goal to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045. Although most respondents (85 percent) are familiar with potential improvements they see a considerable need for support in identifying additional actions.

Benchmark Study of International Production Locations 2021

Choosing the right production location is something that has always been essential for any company. For companies in manufacturing, this applies to an extraordinary degree. The influences are constantly changing – in some cases within just a few months – and that means that timeless, universal recommendations are impossible.

The “Benchmark Study of International Production Locations 2021” compares data on 15 countries in Asia, North and South America as well as Central and Western Europe, establishing carefully considered rankings that offer companies an initial, reliable point of orientation. A new evaluation perspective has been added since earlier editions. Named “best-cost countries”, it focuses on the production costs, infrastructure, and legal and political dependability of a location. It is also equally important that financial stability and sustainability are factored in as additional evaluation criteria.

The choice of production location is crucial for every manufacturing company in order to be competitive in the future.

What is happening right now around the world, and what effect do these developments have on the choice of production locations? To provide you with a basis for decision-making when selecting an international location, the Ingenics team has been analyzing the competitiveness of selected production countries every two years since 2015.

The current study from 2019 shows that Germany has lost points in almost every category examined, which has also caused it to surrender top position in the ranking. The US has moved up to first place. The United States is working hard to promote digital technology in the country, as reflected in a high score for the area of digitization and innovation. Germany, meanwhile, is falling behind in this category.

Although Great Britain is currently third in the ranking, the negative effects of a looming Brexit can be seen in all categories. In particular, the country’s industrial strength has declined, economic growth is weakening, and some companies and suppliers are planning to relocate their factories to mainland Europe.

Study 2017 "Benchmark Study of International Production Locations"

Market competitiveness of attractive production locations


Study 2016 "Where Is the Revolution in Work Organization Today?"

Survey results from production managers in German companies

Study 2015 "Benchmark of International Production Locations"

Growth through global production networks!

Study 2014 "Industry 4.0 a revolution in work organization"

How automation and digitization will change production


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