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The choice of production location is crucial for every manufacturing company in order to be competitive in the future.

What is happening right now around the world, and what effect do these developments have on the choice of production locations? To provide you with a basis for decision-making when selecting an international location, the Ingenics team has been analyzing the competitiveness of selected production countries every two years since 2015.

The current study from 2019 shows that Germany has lost points in almost every category examined, which has also caused it to surrender top position in the ranking. The US has moved up to first place. The United States is working hard to promote digital technology in the country, as reflected in a high score for the area of digitization and innovation. Germany, meanwhile, is falling behind in this category.

Although Great Britain is currently third in the ranking, the negative effects of a looming Brexit can be seen in all categories. In particular, the country’s industrial strength has declined, economic growth is weakening, and some companies and suppliers are planning to relocate their factories to mainland Europe.

Study 2017 "Benchmark Study of International Production Locations"

Market competitiveness of attractive production locations


Study 2016 "Where Is the Revolution in Work Organization Today?"

Survey results from production managers in German companies

Study 2015 "Benchmark of International Production Locations"

Growth through global production networks!

Study 2014 "Industry 4.0 a revolution in work organization"

How automation and digitization will change production


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