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Optimizing processes and structures through Lean Management

Applying the lean management philosophy creates effective and efficient organizations. This is true both for individual company departments (sales, production, development, etc.) and for the company as a whole. Processes and structures are optimized, and the corporate culture is developed in terms of raising staff awareness of the lean approach. 

The lean philosophy centers on creating value. It includes all activities that increase the value of products or services from the customer perspective. Specifically, this means identifying and focusing on the requirements (internal and external) that are most relevant for the customer. Activities that cannot be explained by customer requirements (non-value added activities) are deliberately highlighted and called into question. 

The five principles of Lean Management

Lean management is based on the following five principles:


The systematic application of these principles creates the basis for a successful, sustainable approach using lean thinking.

A wide variety of results can be achieved. These range from shorter lead times, greater output quantities, and an improvement in the quality of results to significant cost savings thanks to the optimized use of staff and material resources as well as land. Being lean means more than merely applying the right methods – being lean is a culture and philosophy. 

For this reason, Ingenics does not only observe methods when introducing and developing a lean management philosophy; it presents a holistic approach to optimizing your business. 

In order to meet the particular needs of individual departments, we have evolved the basic approach into specific concepts, such as:

This allows staff to understanding the lean philosophy quickly and to adapt it to their unique working environment, and the relevant levers are methodically put in place. You will therefore be able to measure the benefits of optimization. Depending on your general environment and the goals you hope to achieve, we can design these concepts together with you.

We focus especially on a balanced approach, taking our three success factors into consideration: qualification, implementation, and management.

Our experience from previous projects confirms that sustainable success can only be guaranteed when these factors are brought into harmony. And ultimately that is what matters. With Ingenics, you therefore receive all the support you need from a single source: a theoretical approach combined with hands-on experience in practice.


When introducing and developing a lean management philosophy, our consultants will take into account the crucial success factors for your company: qualification, implementation, and management. Appropriate methods and approaches are used to ensure the consistent implementation of the necessary measures – efficient, on-target, and individually tailored to your circumstances and requirements.

Furthermore, the decision to create leaner structures and processes also means you stand to benefit from the many years of experience gained by Ingenics working with a large number of companies of different sizes in a variety of industries.

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Dennis Schunigl

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Timo Feilner

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