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Organization and Management

Efficient organization and management help to achieve the goal of increased productivity – for instance with leaner processes and a faster response to customer requirements. If the company structure and work processes are organized in harmony with each other, there are positive effects that can be made transparent and controlled using performance measurement systems.

The foundation of a functioning organization is an appropriate structure that reflects the business model and its requirements. This includes the logical allocation of employee roles, the specification of responsibilities and resources, and the definition of necessary qualification measures.

When it comes to managing processes (workflow management), you can receive support in the form of BPM (business process management). This is a holistic, systematic approach that facilitates process-oriented company management. Especially in times of market volatility, the mastery of in-house processes represents a key competitive advantage.

Another component is the use of performance measurement systems. Here, Ingenics offers support all the way from initiation to implementation, including the strategic coaching of staff in leadership positions. The aim is to detect problems at an early stage and to make deviations from the target situation immediately visible.

Another aspect is operational management in administration (shopfloor management, performance management, etc.). The intention here is to manage operational processes efficiently, taking action to achieve goals while finding long-term solutions to any problems that arise. And not just anywhere, but specifically where these activities take place – at the point of value creation.

The Ingenics approach to management and organization is structured but equally focused on customer requirements. It involves all the key people with relevant knowledge and decision-making responsibilities, guaranteeing a regular target review with short cycles.


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Dennis Schunigl

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Timo Feilner

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