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Factory of the Future

Topics in the magazine: digital transformation, production, and logistics

Factory of the Future
Factory of the Future
Manfred Loistl
Manfred Loistl
Managing PartnerIngenics Consulting
Dear Readers,

Global events transpired one after the other almost daily during the final production stages for this edition of “Ingenics Magazine”. The coronavirus pandemic has now changed virtually everything, and its impacts on the global economy will be unforeseeable for a long time coming.

In light of these global events, we took another critical look at the subjects covered by the current issue. We came to the conclusion that, with the fast pace of everything these days, we must look to the future with cautious positivity. See what the “Factory of the Future” could look like, what businesses should take note of on the journey to it, and why people will continue to play a key role.

The “Ingenics Magazine” seeks to provide fresh energy for topical issues such as digital transformation, production, and logistics. We would be delighted to stimulate deep thinking, rethinking, and continued thinking, especially in times like these.

I hope you find this magazine informative and enjoy an exciting dialog with your colleagues, with business partners, and with us.

Sincerely yours,
Manfred Loistl

Our key themes in this issue

The Lights-Out Factory
Page 06
Digital Twin. Replicate Today. Control Tomorrow.
Page 12
Flexibility is the Joker
Page 26

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