N° 04 / 2020

The New New

Topics in the magazine: Production and Work of the Future – new solutions are required

The New New
The New New
Prof. Oliver Herkommer
Prof. Oliver Herkommer
Managing PartnerIngenics Consulting
Dear Readers,

The Covid pandemic has left all companies facing immense challenges in recent months, regardless of their industry. Everything changed seemingly overnight. Nevertheless, the crisis also has a positive side thanks to its catalyst effect, creating new things with great energy. Productivity, market proximity, and flexibility are the new success factors for the future. Whether in production or the worlds of work, we must keep thinking one step ahead and design not only the new, but “the new new”.

We are also actively codesigning “the new new”, and thinking one step ahead with our acquisition of the PIXEL Group in July 2020. We are excited to offer our clients pioneering solutions for digital transformation, all under one roof and available immediately.

By publishing the “Ingenics Magazine”, we seek to keep providing fresh stimulation and engage in a dialog with you. After all, it is only through continuous dialogue that we can fill “the new new” with life. Read this issue to find out why customer centricity must be thought of in a new environment, why lean is more relevant than ever these days, what challenges the work of the future will involve, and how aviation is responding to the biggest crisis in its history.

I hope you find this magazine informative and stimulating, and that you enjoy an exciting dialogue with your colleagues, with business partners, and with us.

Sincerely yours,
Oliver Herkommer

Our key themes in this issue

Good Things Come in Threes
Page 10
Lean More Relevant Than Ever
Page 16
Page 22
Using Structural Guardrails for a New Way of Working
Page 32

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