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Stability calls for innovation

Magazine Topics: Stability in Value Chains, Green Products, Zero Emission Company.

Stability calls for innovation
Stability calls for innovation
Prof. Oliver Herkommer
Prof. Oliver Herkommer
Managing PartnerIngenics Consulting
Dear Readers,

Complex dynamics and constant change are traveling companions on our current journey. Companies in all sectors of the economy are facing massive challenges that need to be mastered. There is a strong desire for stability, but what adjustments do companies have to make to regain stability? Transformation has been and will continue to be the only option under these circumstances. That said, we not only have to accelerate transformation but, above all, need innovative ideas to create more change. Stability calls for innovation – no ifs, ands, or buts.

In this issue of Ingenics Magazine we looked at selected aspects of sustainable transformation. Value chains are more vulnerable than ever before. We need to rethink value creation and realign value chains. Such realignment starts as early as in the development of a product. We discussed the supply chain of the future with experts from various fields and asked them to what extent sustainability and profitability are compatible in the product development process. Their answers were nearly identical: new products call for holistic thinking and development, and value chains need to become more flexible in order to ultimately be more stable.

I hope you will find this issue to be an enjoyable read, to provide you with valuable inspiration, and to inspire lively exchanges with your colleagues, business partners, and with us as well. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Our key themes in this issue

Recalibrating Value Chains – 5 Propositions About the Future of Production Networks
Page 06
Holistically Green
Page 36
YES to Climate Goals
Page 48

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