N° 09 / 2023

Holistic Business Transformation

Dimensions of Transformation (Lean, Green, Digital), Production System of the Future, Qualification of Employees, Resilient Supply Chain.

Holistic Business Transformation
Holistic Business Transformation
Andreas Hoberg
Andreas Hoberg
Managing PartnerIngenics Consulting
Dear Readers,

Holistic means looking at the whole picture and what’s more, seeing oneself as part of the whole picture. Exactly that applies to holistic business transformation as well. Decision makers are not only challenged to readily identify relevant developments in the current times of instability. They also need to derive holistic solutions in response to constantly changing overall conditions. Singular transformation has become obsolete. Instead, lean, green, and digital need to be balanced as key components of continuous transformation.

In the new issue of our magazine, we focus on action fields and solution approaches to holistic business transformation. Going forward, how is the production system going to change, given that for decades it has been shaped by a purely lean approach? How are employees engaged in a process of constant transformation? What does that mean for the design of leadership? How can companies succeed in enhancing the resilience of their supply chain management? We explored these questions and talked to experts in various sectors about how the balance between lean, green, and digital can be achieved. Despite the variety of challenges of challenges, the central conclusion that employees are the key success factor of holistic business management stays consistent.

I hope you find the new issue of Ingenics Magazine to be an enjoyable read provides you with valuable inspiration and inspires lively exchanges with your colleagues, business partners, and with us as well. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Our key themes in this issue

Holistic Business Transformation – Using Effective Strategies to Strengthen Resilience
Page 06
“Life insurance in volatile times”
Page 18
Top Performance through Competence and Culture
Page 34

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