N° 10 / 2023

Strategically toward the Future

What will the Future Factory look like? What are the capacities of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing environment? What challenges do international production networks face? Experts from various industries provide answers to these questions.

Strategically toward the Future
Strategically toward the Future
Prof. Oliver Herkommer
Prof. Oliver Herkommer
Managing PartnerIngenics Consulting
Dear Readers,

After the transformation is before the transformation. While taking cues from a quote by Germany’s legendary soccer coach Sepp Herberger (“After the game is before the game”) that may sound like a piece of conventional soccer wisdom it is the simple yet challenging credo of the future. Singular transformation has become obsolete. Instead, businesses need a holistic strategy for the future because it’s clear that keeping pace with radical changes calls for a future-focused mindset and strategic action.

In the current issue of Ingenics Magazine we take a closer look at the varied effects on forward-looking strategies. We talked to experts in different industries and explored what the Future Factory is going to look like, what the capacities of artificial intelligence are in the manufacturing environment, and what challenges are in store for international production networks. Taking on the challenges of the future is crucial. Tapping potential, positive thinking, and courage to execute – those are the things we need to strategically embark on our journey toward the future.

I hope that you find this issue to be an enjoyable read that provides you with long-lasting stimuli and inspires lively ­exchanges with your colleagues, business partners, and with us as well. We always look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

Our key themes in this issue

The Future Belongs to the Smart Factory
Page 06
“AI helps solve problems more efficiently”
Page 24
“Production networks require synergies”
Page 38

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