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We steer your architectural competition from A to Z

An architectural competition is a planning and allocation tool for finding the right architect and design for a construction project within the framework of a clearly structured and transparent process.

Holding a competition involves inviting proposals for a construction project based on certain rules: architectural and planning offices take part by submitting their planning ideas.

In essence, an architectural competition provides you with the opportunity to obtain a wide range of possible designs within a reasonable economic budget.

Generally speaking, an architectural competition is a very complex process that is subject to a large number of regulations and requirements imposed by the Chamber of Architects, which means it can become very confusing. In many cases, clients therefore need professional support. The experts at Ingenics advise you on the use of such competition and are happy to take over all aspects of planning and implementation for you as a next step.

Ingenics can look back on many years of experience in factory planning. Over the decades, many successful competitions have been held in this field. Without exception, the most important goal is to realize the construction project to the complete satisfaction of the client. For that reason, the individual wishes and expectations of the client are always the main priority.

The greatest possible expertise – guaranteed

The team at Ingenics is also supported by experienced architects. This guarantees the highest possible level of expertise for the implementation of your competition, including precise knowledge of the relevant regulations as well as the special features of an architectural competition and how to organize these.

On the one hand, an architectural competition can be seen as a separate service, or alternatively it may represent an element of overall construction project management. As a rule, however, such competitions can be applied to all pending preliminary planning of construction work. They are especially useful if a sophisticated architectural solution has to be found.

Two phases in total

The work of the experts at Ingenics can be broken down in two distinct phases. The first phase is preparation, which entails specifying the concept of the construction project in discussion with the client. At this stage, all the necessary spatial dimensions and basic information are determined in order to create the competition papers. These set out the general terms of the competition and define the task to be completed as well as the objectives in the form of quantitative measurements and qualitative expectations (e. g. land requirements for the space allocation plan).

Several months later, the second phase comprises the actual selection of a suitable design and architect as part of the actual competition.

The most important services at a glance

In summary, here again are the most important services provided by Ingenics:

  • Selecting a jury and architects to be invited
  • Consulting on the selection of a suitable method to achieve the best solution
  • Drafting competition text and obtaining approval for it
  • Consulting with the local state Chamber of Architects
  • Organizing and coordinating a preliminary judges’ meeting and jury session
  • Obtaining confirmation of participation from architectural offices
  • Recording minutes of the preliminary judges’ meeting
  • Organizing, coordinating, and recording minutes for the colloquium and single colloquium
  • Collecting and responding to questions anonymously on behalf of all offices
  • Taking delivery of plans and models
  • Carrying out a preliminary check of competition entries and creating a corresponding record
  • Recording and distributing minutes of the jury session
  • Organizing an exhibition or press event, if required


Architectural competitions are one of the best quality- and project-oriented instruments for identifying the best solution for your construction project. In this sense, the sustainability of buildings is playing an increasingly important role in the evaluation. At the same time, even the highest demands can be met in terms of function, quality, economy, and aesthetics.

The most important principles to take into account for a planning competition are a clear and unambiguous definition of the task, appropriate value for money, a professional jury, equal opportunities for all participants, the anonymity of competition entries, the promise to place an order, and the protection of the copyright of all participants.

Our “Best-Practice” approach to managing such competitions is to allow the ideas of each participant to be pooled in accordance with copyright law so as to create the best solution for the client.

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