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Sound potential analyses for sustainable factory structures

When determining the potential for factory structures, the existing buildings, plant structures, and infrastructure are analyzed in terms of their future sustainability.

For three decades, Ingenics has been advising companies about this topic, and it therefore has a wealth of relevant experience to offer. The proven methods and standards of Ingenics are a further guarantee for valuable, in-depth analysis.

When is it time to invest in new or old factory structures, and how large should this investment be? When is it acceptable to maintain the status quo? And when is it necessary to replace part of structures or individual pieces of equipment?

Ingenics can provide the correct answers to these and other key questions for a company, or a quantitative basis for such decisions, in the form of an in-depth factory structure potential analysis.

Consideration of various factors

This comprehensive analysis takes into account a wide range of factors, such as:

  • Factory media equipment
  • Power consumption
  • Quality of jobs
  • Lighting
  • Structural analysis
  • Fire protection
  • Protection of existing building rights


As a rile, an Ingenics potential analysis will always include buildings, infrastructure, and equipment. The aim of a potential analysis is to help you make pioneering decisions for the future based on solid information — for instance, whether factory structures can be maintained, whether parts need to be replaced, or whether a major investment is necessary.

And this much is certain: after their analysis, the Ingenics experts will provide you with an explicit recommendation. That is something you can rely on.

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