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Production and process planning

Production and process planning involves defining and in some cases optimizing processes, structures, and layouts as the basic requirement for an efficient factory.

In the key areas of material flow and production logistics, Ingenics also develops tailored concepts for plant and handling equipment.

Generally speaking, the planning of more efficient process structures results in reduced costs, the exploitation of potential production time, and thus a long-term competitive advantage. When it comes to product integration, the detailed and thorough planning of production processes is thus indispensable. Existing production systems and processes can also be optimized as part of the aim to increase efficiency.

For four decades, Ingenics has advised companies around the world on the issue of production and process planning, so it has a wealth of relevant experience to offer. At the same time, the proven methods and standards developed by Ingenics guarantee an efficient and in-depth planning process.

A focus on value creation and quality assurance

Planning your production processes also decides the speed, timeliness, and efficiency of your factory. It is crucial to note that the focus is always on creating value and ensuring quality. On this basis, Ingenics has derived the following milestones:

  • The first step is to analyze the impact of integrating a product on the existing production environment and to develop solutions for efficient process design.
  • A pivotal aspect here is to reduce complexity using specially developed methods by Ingenics that have been proven over many years. These can be used to determine potential cost-cutting and manufacturing time potential and to evaluate alternative processes.
  • The most important goals of production and process planning are lean production structures and the ergonomic design of work systems based on current lean manufacturing and quality standards.


In the area of production and process planning, the integrated portfolio of services provided by Ingenics ranges from the methodical analysis of your work processes and rough planning to precision timing and line balancing. The whole package is rounded off by the planning of the necessary equipment and the availability of the appropriate systems — always taking into account specific individual or customer requirements in terms of automation or mechanization, of course.

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