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Developing a Successful Digitalization Strategy

Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 Are a Major Opportunity for Your Company

The foundation for your digital transformation is a digitalization strategy tailored to your company individually. It contains the envisioned goals that will guide you through the transformation process as well as the implementation plan in the form of a digitalization road map.
In this training, you learn how to successfully set up a digitalization strategy for your company, identify digitalization potential, and realize it sustainably.

Your Benefits

  • You learn the steps that need to be taken to develop a digitalization strategy successfully.
  • Practical usage examples show you the digitalization potential that can add value.
  • You find out the requirements that must be met to develop a digitalization strategy and how you arrive at a vision and implementation road map step by step.

Contents & Key Learnings

  • Steps to a smart factory: Familiarize yourself with the four stages leading up to a smart factory and find out how far companies have currently developed.
  • Practical implementation: See concrete digitalization use cases that can even add value for your company as of today.
  • Needs and potential assessment: What tools can be used to identify your company’s existing digital maturity and what methods are suitable for identifying potential?
  • Use cases: Consolidation, reconciliation, and description of the identified potential in use cases.
  • Analysis of potential (examples, methods, criteria, and exercises): What steps and methods are suitable for analyzing the benefit and expense of use cases qualitatively and quantitatively?
  • Digitalization vision: Find out how the analyzed and chosen use cases can be combined into a holistic vision, how the implementation road map can be derived from them, and how your digitalization strategy can be brought to fruition.

Format & Execution

  • Seminar
  • Presentation, discussion, application, exercises, transfer


Managers, decision makers, and specialist workers at manufacturing companies