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Management Consulting

Whether it’s organization and leadership, work and process organization, IT systems or production systems Ingenics’ extensive service spectrum for strategy and process consulting covers every aspect of your business. And even if you only want to improve the effectiveness of a single area, we’re still the ideal partner for you.

Organization and leadership

To ensure that the business’ overall goal is being pursued by each of your divisions or operational areas, here Ingenics experts actively promote the change process with orientation training – specially designed for your organization and management. 

  • Analysis, optimization or implementation of a goal-oriented organizational structure
  • Introduction and optimization of the business process management to control key activities
  • Introduction and optimization of project management
  • Introduction and optimization of KPI systems for goal-oriented controlling at all organizational levels
  • Optimization or implementation of operational management tools and management coaching (e. g. Shopfloor management)

Work and process organization

The improvement of processes and working methods ensures that all of your business divisions work efficiently – toward a common goal. This is particularly important for order processing as well as for those employees involved with processing in each business division. 

  • Optimization of business processes and procedures to ensure effectiveness and efficiency
  • Definition of tasks, expertise and responsibilities to promote value-added oriented working methods
  • Analysis and optimization of resource use – for cost-effective processes
  • Optimization of order management to ensure quick, error-free order processing and customer orientation
  • Introduction and use of lean principles at divisional and employee levels e. g. to improve individual working habits (self-organization) or goal-oriented problem solving
  • Optimization of communications and information flows, from meetings to document management


The interaction of people and IT systems is also part of our comprehensive strategy and process consulting. Here, basic questions are examined concerning “if” and “how” a desired effect can be supported through IT systems. 

  • IT potential analysis to evaluate system capabilities
  • IT check to determine if new systems are needed
  • IT strategy and process analysis or IT optimization to identify IT selection options
  • IT system selection to support defined processes or working methods (e. g. DMS, ERP, PPS, CRM)
  • IT system implementation support for time-sensitive, cost-effective integration of all IT functions

Production systems

In order to ensure and consolidate the competitiveness of your production systems over the long term, a complete redesign is not always necessary. Instead, you should ask yourself what direction makes sense for your existing production, how efficiency can be increased, and what improvements can be made to performance in terms of customer focus and flexibility.

  • Analysis of existing production systems
  • Development of implementation plans with the client’s team
  • Involvement of employees in the overall development process
  • Modifying production systems with a focus on added value, client requirements, and future needs
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Andreas Grundnig

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Dennis Schunigl

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