Medical Technology

Consulting for manufacturers in the medical technology sector

The entire healthcare industry is a high-growth market. And manufacturers of medical technologies are particularly innovative. Today, the research and development of new medical products, as well as equipment, is booming. Still, lean production processes are also essential here — to enhance production capacities and cut costs. 

Ingenics helps you here to exploiting the full potential of your value-added chain with proven methods in lean management, lean office and process management. From serial production to special engineering solutions, our Ingenics consultants are well aware of the challenges facing your production operations. That’s why Ingenics offers such a broad service spectrum — ranging from complete general development planning  to innovative concepts for offices and laboratories, as well as the analysis of your key production and logistics areas. At the same time, Ingenics remains focused on the overall efficiency and customer orientation of your business — to maintain your business’ competitive advantages. Finally, Ingenics helps you achieve your goals worldwide by creating reliable outsourcing and supply channels, as well as establishing stable production processes. 

Thanks to Ingenics‘ proven lean development methods, continuously growing international networks and its many successfully completed projects — we are recognized as one of today’s leading consultancies in the medical technology industry.


Michael Schoppol

Michael Schoppol


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