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Leading initiatives to increase performance successfully

The quick, noticeable, sustainable success of initiatives to improve performance successfully is of central interest to managers and companies. As part of this course, the essential success factors of such optimization programs are presented, discussed, and reflected in addition to current and future programs involving the participants.

The course provides a focused overview of methods and approaches to identifying potential optimization as well as implementing and securing optimization measures; it also highlights the special role of managers during the execution of such performance-enhancing initiatives.

Leaders are given valuable practical advice on how to support their teams in the successful implementation of improvement measures through pragmatic management behavior.

The course presents the relevant success factors for organizational motivation and empowerment while also explaining efficient and sustainable procedures for preparing, supervising, and securing optimization initiatives. Finally, participants are able to reflect on challenges.

With a focus on strategic operations, this course is useful for managers and leadership teams, providing an ideal basis for the conception and preparation of initiatives geared toward successful performance improvement.

Your benefits

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of proven methods and procedures for conceiving, planning, implementing, and securing optimization initiatives.
  • Develop an awareness of the critical success factors for optimization initiatives and benefit from practical examples.
  • Learn how managers and leadership teams can successfully support change programs through pragmatic approaches.
  • Establish specific areas of action and approaches to leading successful optimization programs in your field of work.

Contents & Key Learnings

  • Lean concept of value creation and waste
  • Areas of action and procedures to identify potential improvement
  • Methods and formats to increase performance
  • Structures and tools to secure performance
  • Success factors and requirements of optimization programs
  • Conception, planning, implementation, and execution of optimization programs
  • Staff motivation with a vision, conversational framework, implementation, progress monitoring, and recognition
  • Lean competence and lean organization in optimization programs
  • Find out about management tools that help to make changes successful
  • Leadership culture and work culture
  • Annual site continuous improvement plan (SCIP)

Format & Execution

  • Classroom training
  • Presentation, discussion, application, exercises, transfer


  • Directors, managers, lean leaders, performance excellence project managers