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Optimizing Setup Times

Flexibility is the trump card

Setup procedures that require the minimum amount of time and mastery of restarts in terms of quality are key success factors for production plants. Setup processes mean production downtime. A fast setup facilitates the production of small lots, which helps to meet growing customer demands and thus increase competitiveness. 

You take part in developing efficient setup processes using a setup simulation of a stamping machine. Step by step, the necessary process changes and general conditions are optimized. In addition to the optimal setup, the course teaches strategies and tools to ensure sustainability.
On request, it is possible to conduct the training on-site in the form of a practically oriented workshop.

Your Benefits

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of practical methods concerning machine setup.
  • Systematically optimize setup processes.
  • Discover strategies and tools to ensure sustainability.

Contents & Key Learnings

  • Basic theory of optimizing setup processes.
  • Setup optimization step by step, illustrated by the stamping machine. Separating internal and external setup steps. Elimination, simplification, parallelization, summation, and automation.
  • Joint assessment of the solution, implementation of urgent measures, and development of an implementation plan.
  • Success factors for sustainability.

Format & Execution

  • Classroom Training
  • Presentation, discussion, practice, exercises, application


  • Managers in production and logistics.
  • Employees in production and logistics.
  • Future CIP and machine setup trainers.