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Shopfloor Management Training

On-Site Leadership

Shopfloor management, or “on-site leadership”, is a practical approach that benefits managers and employees equally.

The central element of shopfloor management is focused communication by managers and their teams, based on relevant, up-to-date information with a goal of jointly achieving the desired performance and continuously improving it.

Managers obtain a realistic overview of the status and potential optimization of their area of responsibility based on management routines such as process confirmation, Gemba walks, and 5S audits. By using structures and formats such as daily team meetings on the shopfloor and in office areas, managers use this information to give teams optimal support as well as target-oriented challenges.

Elements such as shopfloor boards containing relevant up-to-date information are used to direct the organization. The latest performance, deviations from the target performance, and improvement initiatives in “day-to-day business” are displayed in a visual way that everyone can understand.

Consequently, shopfloor management supports team collaboration and the way managers and employees work together.

During this two-day seminar, you learn how to use shopfloor management tools to create opportunities for achieving targeted employee leadership. However, these tools can only be used and applied properly when action is taken to develop leadership skills – this will guarantee greater staff motivation and sustained success. Performance-measurement systems are also included in the training content for this reason.

Your Benefits

  • Understand the demands on managers and the best methods and tools for shopfloor management.
  • Learn how to close the “implementation gap” between management and the shop floor, paving the way toward greater productivity, improved achievement of company targets, effective meeting management, and motivational techniques that belong in a manager’s toolbox.

Contents & Key Learnings

  • Basic theory of shopfloor management: background, benefits and goals.
  • Making professional use of performance-measurement systems and visualization options
  • Using discussion panels correctly and optimally planning staff deployment
  • The problem-solving process:  breaking new ground and achieving better results.
  • The requirements of operational managers. What you need to do and how to manage it best.
  • Leadership qualities:  objective assessment based on a role model.
  • Tips for successfully implementing shopfloor management.
  • Coaching and training requirements. 

Format & Execution

  • Classroom  
  • Presentation, discussion, application, exercises, transfer


Specialists and managers from production, maintenance, and indirect areas