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beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG

From site selection to commissioning: a sustainable logistics system for beyerdynamic

Competitiveness ensured by integrated consulting and timely implementation

As a manufacturer of headphones, microphones, headsets, and conference technology, beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG, based in Heilbronn, is a world leader. In order to secure this excellent market position and to consolidate it fully, Ingenics AG was enlisted to develop a new logistics concept. The project resulted in a successful relocation to the new service and logistics center in Talheim – a shipping center covering 2,400 sqm.

The most important project results and Ingenics services:
beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG
  • Consumer Products and Retailing
  • Ideal warehousing processes
    • short distances
    • defined by material flows
    • lean processes (no multiple handling)
    • good work safety
    • clearly organized areas
    • room for expansion if required
  • Optimized, sustainable use of resources
  • Optimal customer orientation
  • Optimal economic balance between investment and running costs

At the outset, the management team at beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG in Heilbronn believed that it would be possible to meet requirements in the years ahead by expanding the service and logistics area at its existing site. However, the initial feasibility study by a team of experts from Ingenics made it apparent that such a solution would only slightly ease bottlenecks; it was therefore not fit for future purpose. The managers then quickly agreed on a promising long-term solution: Ingenics was to search for a completely new logistics site for beyerdynamic in the Heilbronn area before planning and realizing the center.

The Heilbronn region is well known for its extremely dynamic economic development, which makes attractive commercial properties especially desirable. In order for the search to be successful, all relevant decision criteria were defined together in advance. The team determined and contemplated current and potential capacity, the site itself in terms of the existing company structure and transport infrastructure, other logistical issues, and land prices. On this basis, Ingenics contacted a range of commercial realtors with the highest degree of discretion before visiting and evaluating a large number of properties.

As a next step, a utility analysis was carried out in a workshop with the management and the internal project manager at beyerdynamic. There was then a mutual agreement in favor of a site in Talheim near Heilbronn.

„Originally, we wanted to expand the service and logistics area on our existing premises. However, the initial feasibility study carried out by the team of Ingenics experts under Marc Heckenberger and Stefan Flicke made it clear that such a project wouldn’t be enough, looking ahead.“
Wolfgang Luckhardt, beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG
former Managing Director

Once this basic decision had been made, the team produced a detailed plan for the new premises. This entailed another workshop to establish the necessary functional areas and a broad concept for the desired target variants. Ingenics’ experts took charge of specific details of system design with respect to capacity, equipment, and definition of an ideal warehouse organization process using the model of an ERP system.

An especially convincing feature was the simulation of relevant target variants using a virtual reality tool that faithfully reproduced each warehouse together with the planned technology and all processes. This gave decision-makers at beyerdynamic a realistic impression in good time, enabling them to provide a high level of detail to employees and strategic customers alike.

Once the final target variants had been selected and agreed on, a further specification was established as the basis for tendering of logistics equipment. Ingenics then organized the entire tender process, from initial comparison of bids to a recommendation for award of the contract and final coordination of deadlines with the selected supplier. In line with the schedule and budget, the team then planned and managed the move from two existing logistics premises into the new service and logistics center in Talheim, a shipping center covering a 2,400 sqm. Ingenics coordinated deadlines, resources, and processes in the run-up to go-live, also playing a central role in the development and implementation of a continuous improvement process for the new system.

The first success was already clear during relocation: although shipping options were limited for a short time and it took some time to get the new system going, sales were well up on previous months thanks to improved throughput in this period alone.

As a result of the integrated consulting service from Ingenics, beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG now has a sustainable logistics system for distribution of all its products. There is equal coverage for larger and smaller orders. The conditions allowing continued growth have been optimized, guaranteeing a secure future for the company in the Heilbronn region.