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MTU Aero Engines

Linchpin between construction and production planning during plant expansion at MTU Aero Engines in Poland

Plant expansion on target at MTU Aero Engines in Rzeszów, Poland

Ingenics has demonstrated its extensive experience in international factory and production planning projects at MTU Aero Engines Polska. The 10,000 sq m expansion of this plant belonging to the internationally successful aviation company in Rzeszów, South-East Poland, was inaugurated and put into operation according to plan. One of the most important tasks of Ingenics consultants was to identify potential conflicts in planning, resolving these at an early stage.

The most important project results and Ingenics services:
MTU Aero Engines
  • Layout and production planning
  • Interface management/Project management
  • Relocation planning/Realization planning
  • On-schedule completion of construction
  • Compliance with budget parameters
  • Long-term acceptance of those involved through early involvement of operators
  • Efficient collaboration thanks to optimal interface management

Ingenics AG was able to draw on its extensive experience in international factory and production planning projects at MTU Aero Engines Polska in Rzeszów, a city in South-East Poland. The company is a subsidiary of MTU Aero Engines, Germany’s leading engine manufacturer, which is headquartered in Munich. The 10,000 sq m expansion of the Polish factory represents a milestone in the company’s investment and growth strategy. It was therefore of considerable importance that the building should be inaugurated and put into operation in line with budget and schedule.

As a partner, at the interface between construction and production planning, Ingenics was instrumental in ensuring compliance with deadlines and spending throughout the undertaking. Following the successful approach of countless other Ingenics projects, consultants were on-site as a central point of contact and coordination for all parties involved, responding to their interests and needs. Once again, it was a strategy that proved vital for success.

One of the key tasks of the Ingenics consultants was to identify potential conflicts in planning and to resolve these at an early stage. It soon became clear that it would be especially important to detect potential problems in the planning process in good time, to communicate them, and to tackle them directly. In this way, it was possible to overcome actual conflicts as and when they emerged. For the consultants, such a mediating role is part of their core business.

„Throughout the planning process, it was important to detect potential problems in good time, to communicate them, and then to tackle them directly before they became real problems.“
Alexander Stolz, Ingenics Consulting
Associate Partner and Director Practice

MTU Aero Engines had already planned its factory in South-East Poland in 2007. The internationally successful aviation company called on the support of Ingenics at the time, and an option to enlarge the premises had been developed from the outset. Seven years later, the decision was made to play this “expansion card.” The extension was completed according to plan in 2015 with the support of Ingenics, increasing the production area of MTU Aero Engines Polska by 50 percent. The expanded factory is now up and running. By 2020, another 250 jobs will have been created at the Polish MTU factory, which already employed 500 people before the project.

For MTU Aero Engines, the site in Poland has since become crucial for operations: the main areas of focus at MTU Aero Engines Polska include component production, modular assembly, and parts repair in addition to development and manufacturing work. The company also engineers and produces low-pressure turbine components and turbine airfoils for the GP7000, V2500, PW300 and PW500 as well as LM6000 industrial gas turbines. Other areas of activity are the assembly of low-pressure turbines for V2500, PW300, and PW500 engines, and the repair of engine parts. In short, the entire value chain is covered, from development and production through to repair.

According to the road map created by Ingenics, the expansion project required an optimal factory layout with the best possible machine setup and a smooth flow of materials. The overall production layout had to be consistent and integrated into the existing building environment. The greatest challenge here concerned interface management and the coordination of construction and production activities.

The particular skill set of Ingenics consultants came to bear for this complex task, as did their ability to find a harmonious resolution to the demands of different parties. Indeed, providing explanations and a mediating service was a significant part of the job. Following on from this successful cooperation in Poland, MTU’s main factory in Munich has also called on the support of Ingenics – once again in the area of plant development.