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Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Check

How Resilient Are Your Supply Chains?

The geopolitical events of recent years have shown many companies how vulnerable the global supply chains are. It's no longer just about securing your own supply but also about maintaining your own delivery capability and not losing the trust of your customers. 

Companies must anticipate and mitigate risks within their supply chains and work on their supply chain resilience. This is a challenge for many businesses – because there needs to be a balance between resilience and financial cost.  

A first step towards a more resilient supply chain is to assess the current status quo. Our Supply Chain Consulting experts support this process with the Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Check. 

Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Check

  • Would your suppliers be able to increase their supply volumes, even at short notice, and have you taken precautions for this? 

  • Can you react to supply shortages quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively? 

  • Can your production and logistics recover quickly from a supply shortage? 

These questions are the first indicators of a supply chain’s resilience. If you have answered these questions with "no" more frequently than "yes," it is advisable to take a closer look at your supply chains.


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The Supply Chain Risk & Resilience Check allows measuring the resilience of supply chains to disruptions. Our consultants relate the resilience of supply chains to risks and their economic impacts. Profit from the expertise and impartial perspective of our consultants! 

Through a moderated questionnaire, we identify and analyze both potential supply chain risks and the competencies to handle them. In doing so, we pinpoint the most significant risks with concurrently low resilience competencies. 

On the other hand, there are lower risks for which an excessive number of resilience competencies are available, making it economically impractical. 


  • Guided questionnaire that is part of an approximately two-hour online event

  • Analysis based on 132 questions and a risk–resilience matrix

  • Analysis results can be used in further workshops where further steps and areas of action can be defined and developed


  • Identification and evaluation of risks and resilience competencies within the supply chain

  • Evaluation of supply chain competencies when it comes to resilience during supply disruptions

  • Quick wins, such as the rapid reduction of risks or costs

  • Derivation and prioritization of areas of action to improve the supply chain resilience

  • Establishment of a KPI instrument for monitoring supply chain resilience


  • Impartial evaluation of supply chain risks and resilience competencies 

  • Developing a strategic roadmap for supply chain risk management and resilience, with the goal of: 

    • Increasing supply chain resilience
    • Mitigating risk
    • Developing resilience competencies and leveraging them as a competitive advantage
    • Improving the overall performance of your supply chain in relation to costs, quality, lead times, supply reliability, security, and customer service 

Target Audience

Interdisciplinary teams from the areas of supply chain management, purchasing, logistics, production, sales, quality management and/or research and development.


A supply chain risk and resilience check can:

  • be used at the start of supply chain risk projects to identify the current status quo 

  • act as methodological support in the course of projects that have already started 

  • be used to evaluate the delivery reliability of suppliers 

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