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Developing your company for the long term with general development planning

In the general development planning of your factory, your current and future products serve as the foundation for our concept development. Based on Ingenics’ wide ranging industrial experience, we then prepare individualized layout solutions for you which support your business’ long-term growth. This gives your investment decisions a solid basis – and ensures that your factory’s development remains market-oriented and on track.

Ingenics offers you extensive experience in the field of general development planning. Here our services range from site analysis and selection which forms the cornerstone for future added-value and extend through production and process planning where all critical details are carefully examined. In addition, Ingenics’ other core competencies include traffic planning, as well as ecological green factory support.

An overview of our services for general development planning

  • Planning of processes, structures and layouts as a prerequisite for value-flow oriented production
  • Definition of economic and energy efficient facility structures, as well as production processes
  • Consideration of all desired area and working space requirements, including maximized accommodation of future modifications
  • Organizational consulting
  • Design of working systems
  • Specification of factory equipment and systems
  • Optimization of processing times and resources
  • Management of factory construction stage
Sieghard Schmetzer

Sieghard Schmetzer

Phone: +49 731 93680 226

Dennis Schunigl

Dennis Schunigl

Associate Partner
Phone: +52 222 549 32 19

Simon F. Schäfer

Dr.-Ing. Simon F. Schäfer

Project Director

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