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Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction - Reduce Costs

The cost pressure on many companies is extremely high. Firstly, there are the high costs incurred through raw material and energy prices and, secondly, the pressure from global competition and price-sensitive consumers.

This demands significant and radical adjustments for the entire organization in order to adapt cost structures to the changed circumstances. In an environment of stagnation, that can often also come with unpopular measures such as downsizing.

For such a project to be successful, we do not just organize it top-down with you but instead are also there for the bottom-up implementation at process level, leaving the organization effective and cohesive.

Preliminary study and change story

Cost-reduction projects are initiated top-down. The prescribed targets required to secure the results are developed based on the future scenarios. The change story is prepared as a basis for the communication.

Target vision for organizational structure

The process and structure for the target organization are developed based on the defined target values. The downsizing measures made necessary through them become transparent as a result and represent the prescribed targets for the areas of business.

Concept and planning of implementation

The road map for realization is developed. A management-accounting instrument based on the hardness-level model is established in parallel. The efficacy timeline is defined in the form of a target ROI in order to rate and approve measures. Communication within the company is intensified.

Process-optimization implementation sprint

The optimization sprints have specific, prescribed targets that must be achieved. All measures are rated and directed using the hardness-level model. A subproject is completed and accepted when the defined measures have been confirmed at hardness level 5.

Our cost-reduction services

  • Downsizing
  • Cost-structure adaptation
  • Zero Base Budgeting
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