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Digital supply chain – optimizing the whole supply chain

To make it clear and unequivocal, a digitized supply chain is not a vision that will represent the industry standard at some point the future. It is already necessary here and now if companies wish to remain truly competitive. While a digital supply chain appears to boost productivity and profitability at first glance, it also offers many other benefits in terms of business strategy.

For better planning along the value chain

It is important to connect with every link in the value chain and to create a supply network that is far more accessible, more transparent, and more agile so that it can respond immediately to change in a flexible manner. The goal of such digital transformation is to achieve the desired result of shorter cycle times, lower production and operating costs, and a much wider range of data analysis options. In essence, it is about making areas that are shut off from each other more transparent, optimizing cooperation and enabling them to react quickly to risks. A digital supply chain is based more on integrated intelligent solutions than on manual input, which would require a number of employees to carry out tedious and time-consuming tasks. 

If several partners, suppliers, and production sites are involved in a manufacturing process that might even stretch around the globe, the solution is to knock down walls around isolated areas and to minimize or eliminate barriers to collaboration. A key technological factor on this front is business intelligence or big data, which gives companies an immensely important push to gather, reproduce, and analyze large volumes of information. In turn, this enables them to use data in an intelligent fashion, sharing it with partners in the value chain to set out better planning strategies. It goes without saying that data security is a prerequisite.

The holistic Ingenics approach

The transformation of existing structures into a truly digital supply chain can only succeed if companies take a holistic view right from the outset. In particular, if the process is long and the goal is a general strategic solution at a higher level, we always keep an eye on the big picture as we examine each and every detail under the microscope. As a result, we achieve tremendous efficiency gains for our clients.

Robbert Kokkeel

Robbert Kokkeel

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