Performance transparency – a small step with great impact

To discover the benefits of digital transformation, it is not necessary to implement a time-consuming solution whose positive effects might not become apparent in the short term. The performance transparency of a company is the ideal starting point, enabling companies to make proactive decisions in logistics that are clearly well informed (and therefore better) in just a few weeks.

Transparency for real-time logistics

Every company already possesses a large amount of data, but this is not optimally linked and used. As a result, there is considerable potential to increase efficiency through transparency. Information about demand, delivery times, inventories, fluctuations in stock, and information quality represents a wealth of data when combined with real-time material flow tracking, predictive analytics, and information transfer between individual players in the supply chain – a richness that should be exploited. Making such data more accessible and visible so that decisions are based on actual information is essential when talking about visualization, online order monitoring, or early warning systems, for example.     

Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0 from Ingenics

We have developed a modular tool that can therefore be implemented quickly step by step. Especially in the area of intralogistics, the positive effect can be felt in just a few weeks as soon as the considerable workload of manual operations on Excel spreadsheets disappears.

Robbert Kokkeel

Robbert Kokkeel

Project Manager
Phone: +49 731 1405340 712

Robert Heusgen

Robert Heusgen

Associate Partner, Director of Material Flow USA
Phone: +1.864.350.9313

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