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Warehouse technologies – understanding how (and what)

Storage facilities are very receptive to constant developments and adaptations in response to key technologies that ensure cost-effectiveness and competitiveness. In contrast to other parts of the supply chain and logistics infrastructure, there is less skepticism about using new and innovative solutions. Instead, the sheer amount of possibilities can overwhelm people facing the task of selecting and introducing the optimal solution or technology. This can then result in warehouse technology remaining in its current state or a pick-and-mix approach to implementing options with no overall concept.

Cyber–physical systems and related technology

The extent to which a company can react with flexibility in the future depends on the correct use of numerous possibilities, from the localization of materials and containers using technology such as RFID to automated guided vehicles (AGVs), process automation, picking robots, drones, swarm intelligence, wearables, pick-by-light systems, and predictive maintenance. The same is true with respect to increasing a company’s ability to analyze, plan, and control individual processes in line with the business strategy.  

Ingenics provides an overview for your clarity

Ingenics is an outstanding source of knowledge for warehouse management systems and related technologies. We see ourselves as the bridge between technological solutions and company requirements: our technology and application database allows us to provide clients with exactly the right and most efficient solution to meet their needs so that they can obtain a competitive advantage in this part of the value chain. Our Logistics 4.0 check provides some initial findings, and these are explored in further consultations.

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